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Andrew Gill
WELCOME to My fitness site 

My name is Andrew Gill and I provide Cyberfit (TM) one on one personal training and sport training services

.Who Am I - Let me tell you about me

This Site is about Fitness, Health and Wellness. My Goal is to assist by directing you to several areas that may interest you. I have created several 3D Visual Aids. I've also outlined what I provide as a service as well as a set of tips that will assist you in planning your program.
I've also included some pictures and videos to enable you to familiarize you with myself and some of the tools that I will use with you to achieve your goals. 

Please join with me and we'll recreate you as a new person. 

Through my professional guidance clients from all ages and fitness levels continue to successfully meet their health and fitness goals.

Eat Healthy

Stay Fit


I'm dedicated to personal fitness. Please help our athletes by providing any assistance that you can .


Cyberfit is the exclusive trademark of Andrew Gill and is not to be used in any form without permission

   CA Patent 2,524,078